Whisky tasting is an art

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Whisky tasting

Tim Etherington has said that whisky tasting is an art that can be learned by all enthusiasts.

The brand ambassador of Diageo Reserve told Indian Express.com that whisky can be successfully paired with spicy food.

Tim is quoted as saying: “It is a drink that you can have anytime.

“What matters is the food you pair it up with. If you want to experience a strong whisky, you should pair your drink with spicy food and vice versa.

Etherington told the publication that whisky tasting “depends on one’s sense of smell and taste” and he insisted that tasters use the correct glass.

He explained: “Someone would get a fruity taste out of a whiskey while the same whiskey would taste like honey to someone else.

“The reason for not using heavy bottomed glasses is that the spirit needs to be warmed to get the perfect aroma and taste and when the wine glasses are held in one’s palm, the liquid gets warmed by the body heat.”

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