Whisky Marketplace researches whisky tastes around the world

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Online whisky comparison site, Whisky Marketplace, has taken the opportunity provided by opening up regional variants around the world to research some of the buying and browsing habits of whisky fans in different parts of the globe.

For instance, some of the top pages viewed across all countries included the likes of Johnnie Walker, Chivas and Jim Beam – with the high end products for each brand receiving particular attention.

The site also detected distinct regional trends however. In the Netherlands, a large quantity of users were reading content regarding 40 and 50 year old whiskies, and the top brands included Port Ellen and Ardbeg. Conversely, in Russia the most popular type of whisk(e)y was Irish and not Scotch and top brands included Seagrams and Heaven Hill.

There was, unsurprisingly a degree of inward looking on the site with the most porular categories (after Scotch) in the USA and Canada being American and Canadian whisky respectively. However, according to the site’s owners, their servce is opening up the possibilities of different products and styles to whisky fans and connoisseurs all over.

You can find out more about Whisky Marketplace at their U.S. site at http://www.whiskymarketplace.com or their U.K. site www.whiskymarketplace.co.uk.

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