University project to help detect fake whisky

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Fake whisky?

Researchers at the University of Leicester’s Space Research Centre have been collaborating with colleagues at De Montfort University to create a handheld device which will detect fake whisky through the bottle.

The device is being developed as part of a crackdown initiative against bogus whisky, wines and beers supported by The Food and Drink iNet.

The technology, which has already been used successfully to detect counterfeit packaging, is being adapted to work on liquids.

Tim Maskell, Knowledge Transfer Manager in the Space Research Centre at the University of Leicester, said in a statement: “The support from the Food and Drink iNet will allow us to take the technology and apply it in the case of whisky and fine wines.

“The iNet funding will enable us to design, build and test a laboratory prototype that will allow us to prove the technology works.”

Food and Drink iNet Director Richard Worrall said: “This is a fascinating research project between the University of Leicester, De Montfort University, the Scotch Whisky Research Institute and Leicestershire brewery Everards, which brings together space technology and the food and drink sector and offers real commercial benefit.”

He added: “Being able to test a liquid such as whisky or wine for authenticity without opening the bottle would bring major benefits to the drinks industry, as well as having opportunities in other fields, such as airport and airline security.”


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