The Famous Grouse release Black Grouse Alpha

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Black Grouse Alpha

Black Grouse Alpha

The Famous Grouse are releasing a new variation on their Black Grouse blend next month exclusively in travel retail in the Nordic region and Russia.

The Black Grouse Alpha Edition contains a higher percentage of aged, peaty malts to accentuate its smokey flavour and was showcased at the TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes last year, reports DFNI Online.

The name derives from the “alpha male”, the most successful Black Grouse during the mating season displays.

Steven Sleigh, from brand owner The Edrington Group, said: “We are pleased with the initial reception to this new, rather exotic, member of The Famous Grouse family.

“Travel retail has in the past provided an excellent showcase for additions to the family, such as The Snow Grouse and The Black Grouse, so it was the natural habitat for the first flight of The Black Grouse Alpha Edition.”

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