SWA slams alcohol-free “whisky”

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This month, US company ArKay Beverages have launched its alcohol-free, whisky-flavoured drink, which has seen it referred to as “Halal whisky” in the press.

In a press release, the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has spoken out against the product, declaring such marketing as illegal.

The release reads: “ArKay’s promotional claim that the product is a type of whisky is illegal under UK and European law and in many other jurisdictions.

“There are strict laws in force in the European Union and many other countries defining what may be sold as whisky. Such laws are designed to maintain the reputation of whisky as a quality product and to protect consumers.

“European legislation prohibits – with very limited exceptions – the name ‘whisky’ from being ‘used to describe or present in any way whatsoever’ any drink other than whisky.”

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