Singleton of Glen Ord is great with Asian food

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Singleton of Glen Ord

Singleton of Glen Ord

Single malt expert Alex Whang has said that he believes the Singleton of Glen Ord is the ideal accompaniment to Asian food.

Whang, who works closely as a marketer with Diageo Moet Hennessey, told that the Singleton has a “complexity of flavours” which make it the ideal companion with oriental spices.

He is quoted as saying: “Singleton is a drink that can be enjoyed on many different occasions and with many different cuisines including spicy Asian dishes.

“I love the complexity of the flavours in it.

“Single malt normally has lots of flavours in it and it’s so complicated that it can go with many different tastes. Wines or vodka do not give multidimensional flavours and they are quite limited when paired with food.

“And most times wines could only go well with Western style food and not with Thai or Asian cuisines because the potent, spicy flavours in Asian food tend to ruin the taste of the wine.”

Singleton is distilled in the award winning Glen Ord Distillery, established in 1838 and the only single malt Scotch whisky distillery that remains on Scotland’s Black Isle.

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