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Richard Paterson: ‘The media could do more to promote Scotch whisky’

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Whyte & Mackay Master Blender Richard Paterson has predicted that the Scottish whisky industry will continue to expand over the next decade.

The brand ambassador told Whisky Drinker that the Scottish media could be doing more to promote our magnificent distilleries and drams.

He said: “We must continually educate, educate, educate the consumer.

“We must continually stand up on the mountain tops of Scotland and shout the great name of Scotch whisky.”

Paterson predicted that Scottish brands would continue to be in demand across the globe.

He enthused: “Today it is revered in more than 200 different countries.

“China is a prime example where we must educate the consumer on how to drink it as well as appreciate it and how single malts differ from blended whiskies.”

“We must never remain complacent. There are still many consumers to convert.”

Richard Paterson is one of the world’s best-known whisky ambassadors, having toured the world to promote the Scottish whisky industry.


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