Record export sales for Scotch Whisky in 2010

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Strong sales

Strong export sales

Figures to be released this week by the Scotch Whisky Association will reportedly show that whisky exports hit a new record in 2010.

Sources told The Scotsman that sales of whisky rose from £3.1bn in 2009 to £3.3bn last year.

One whisky sector executive told the newspaper that the sector was performing well despite the economic downturn.

They are quoted as saying: “It wouldn’t surprise me if Scotch exports hadn’t done better last year.

“There has been strong resilience in several traditional markets notwithstanding the economic difficulties, while emerging markets continue to expand.”

Carl Short, drinks analyst at Standard & Poor’s Equity Research, said: “I would not be surprised if 2010’s figures for the Scotch industry are pretty good.

“We are seeing some incremental recovery in the likes of the US, while the industry is pushing at an open down in terms of volumes in emerging markets, where Scotch is seen as an aspirational, sophisticated product.”

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