Happy World Whisky Day 2018!

World Whisky Day invites everyone to enjoy a dram around the World. If you can’t find an event happening near you why not host your own World Whisky Day event? All you need is a bottle of whisky to share with your friends. If you are looking for inspiration, here are a two whiskies and a whiskey to taste in 2018.

Balblair 2000

Balblair has been making premium whisky on the banks of the Dornoch Firth since 1790, making it one of, if not the oldest working distillery in the Highlands. Their recently launched 18 year old has been awarded a Gold Medal by the International Spirits Challenge (ISC), the premier awarding body in the global spirits industry. Now in its 21st year, the ISC received over 1,500 entries from 70 countries across the world.

Commenting on the ISC accolade, Balblair Distillery Manager, John MacDonald (pictured above), said: “It’s an honour to have our latest releases recognised by industry experts. Our whiskies have stood the test of time because of the care we take over our production methods and the purity of our local ingredients. We haven’t automated our processes. Instead we stick to traditional techniques and make small tweaks in our pursuit of perfection.”

Balblair 2000 is bright golden in appearance. The aroma offers. hints of honey and vanilla, that come from the long years of maturation in American ex-bourbon oak barrels. On the palate the sweet, honey, floral notes combined with hints of coconut and rich spices. Ending with a smooth, long lasting and warming finish.

Balblair 2000 retails for around  £68


Laphroaig 10 Year Old

If you like tradition and heritage, look no further than the Laphroaig 10 Year Old.  The Laphroaig distillery was famously managed by ‘the mother of single malt’.  Elizabeth Leitch “Bessie” Williamson,  (pictured), 22 August 1910 – 26 May 1982, was a Scottish distillery manager and former owner of the Laphroaig distillery noted for being the first woman to manage a Scotch whisky distillery during the 20th century. She is credited as being instrumental in promoting single malt whisky, in particular Islay malts and Laphroaig, during the then-emerging US trend for single malts. It is the only single malt Scotch whisky to be awarded the Royal Warrant by HRH The Prince Of Wales.

Notable for its high levels of peat, Laphroaig 10 has a very distinct and unique flavour profile, strong smoke and iodine, with an earthy, tangy taste detailed with elements of sweetness. Unforgettable.

Look out for Laphroaig Open Day: Tues 29th May during the Islay Festival / Feis Ile

Laphroaig 10 Year Old retails for around £38


Wild Turkey 101

The World’s longest serving master distiller – makes bourbon. For an astounding 60 years, James C. Russell has been making whiskey at the Wild Turkey Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, and today, is the longest-tenured, active spirits Master Distiller in the world. Brought up only five miles from the distillery, he followed his father, who taught him the traditions and techniques of Bourbon craftsmanship.

The bourbon is distilled at a very low proof in order to help embody all of the barrel flavors during aging. It comes out of the barrel at around 109 proof necessitating only slight dilution before being bottled at 101 proof. This process helps produce a final product that, although not barrel proof, is very close to what came right out of the barrel.

A fantastic nose: toasted oak, spicy, caramel, vanilla. Bold flavour – spicy and sweetness. Vanilla, toffee and caramel are set against oak and the oak char.  A great finish: with spice, pepper, toasted oak, disguising its alcohol content. Overall a robust tasting experience – certainly at this price-point.

Wild Turkey 101 retails for around £32


Interactive Whisky Map of the UK

To celebrate World Whisky Day, Premier Inn have created an interactive whisky map of the UK.

For both whisky connoisseurs and novices alike, the map marks every whisky distillery in the UK that you can visit. From the most northernly distillery, Highland Park Whisky Distillery on the Orkney Islands, to the most southernly, Hicks & Healey in Cornwall, you can easily discover the nearest one to you. Perfect if you fancy learning more about the process behind some of the nation’s best whiskies.

Unsurprisingly Scottish distilleries dominate the map, with 76 distilleries over the border that you can visit. Although many are in the islands and highlands, if you’re looking for a whisky city Glasgow is your best option with The Clydeside Distillery and Auchentoshan Distillery both within easy distance.

Outside of Scotland, the map reveals a good cluster of distilleries in the south. London is actually home to three distilleries, Bimber Distillery, The London Distillery Company and the East London Liquor Company – all relatively new distilleries that are looking to challenge the more established distilleries in Scotland.

Auchentoshan builds community of passionate bartenders – taking single malt to new places

Auchentoshan is on a mission to find creative bartenders to join its international bartender collective as it announces the launch of its New Malt Order 2018 competition. Launched in 2016, the New Malt Order is a growing community of likeminded bartenders who share a passion for shaking up the world of single malts.

The urban malt from the city of Glasgow, is challenging entrants to create a cocktail that captures the essence of its triple distilled malt whisky and takes inspiration from the bartender’s home city. Successful bartenders will be given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the home of Auchentoshan in Glasgow and become immersed in the city’s culture and create an exclusive liquid with Master Blender, Ron Welsh.

The competition is now open and bartenders from the UK, Canada, Russia, Australia and Germany are being encouraged to enter via Instagram for a chance to become part of the New Malt Order global collective. Launched in 2016, The New Malt Order is not only a competition but a growing global community of passionate bartenders who are pushing boundaries, breaking rules and taking single malt whisky to new places and new faces.

Bunnahabhain unveils two new bottlings for Fèis Ìle 2018

Bunnahabhain Distillery will unveil two special edition Fèis Ìle 2018 single malt bottlings at the annual Islay Festival of Music and Malt from 25 May to 2 June 2018.

The Moine Oloroso Finish bottled in 2007 and the 15 Year Old Spanish Oak Finish are two very different spirits even though they were both produced from the same still at Bunnahabhain.

Derek Scott, Brand Director for Malt Whisky at Distell, says the difference is down to the malted barley. “We used peated malted barley to give the Moine Oloroso Finish its smoky taste. If you translate the words Moine Oloroso from the Gaelic and Spanish it means ‘scented peat’. And this is also reflected in the deep rose gold colour of the whisky and the hint of driftwood in the taste.

“The Spanish Oak Finish began its journey 15 years ago in whisky refill casks before being transferred to Spanish Oak Gran Reserva barrels in 2013. This final stage in its maturation has created an intense aroma of ripe berries and spices, leaving a dark chocolate and light spiced flavour on tasting.”

As part of the festival, visitors to Islay will be able to purchase both the Moine Oloroso Finish (RRP £95) and the Spanish Oak Finish (RRP £250) from the distillery.

A packed itinerary of tours and tastings has been developed to give visitors the chance to experience the island’s most northerly distillery and on Friday, 1 June, the distillery will host a special Bunnahabhain Fèis Ìle Day, where visitors can attend a variety of events. These include warehouse walks, production tours and the popular dram sessions in Warehouse 9, with exclusive tastings of unpeated and peated (moine) Bunnahabhain straight from the cask.

This year for the first time, Scott says whisky enthusiasts will be able to take a boat trip to view the distillery from the sea. “Westering Home is a 30-minute high speed boat trip in the Sound of Islay offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for keen photographers to see the distillery from a completely different angle. We’ll also have plenty of our festive bottlings on hand, so people can experience the connection between our whiskies and the sea at first hand.”

Swapping whisky for bourbon: Wild Turkey 101

The World’s longest serving master distiller – makes bourbon. For an astounding 60 years, James C. Russell has been making whiskey at the Wild Turkey Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, and today, is the longest-tenured, active spirits Master Distiller in the world. Brought up only five miles from the distillery, he followed his father, who taught him the traditions and techniques of Bourbon craftsmanship.

Jimmy’s legacy is the iconic Wild Turkey 101 at 50.5% abv, a recipe that has remained resolutely unchanged since prohibition times. Its house style is characterised by its distinctive bold and spicy flavour thanks to its high rye content and use of the finest new American oak barrel with one the heaviest char available, the number 4 (alligator) char, which imparts a rich, smooth flavour and deep amber colour.

Homework – all bourbon is whiskey but not all whiskey is bourbon. Bourbon tastes stronger and sweeter than other whiskeys. That’s because it’s distilled from a key ingredient: corn. Bourbon is America’s native spirit, and 95% of it comes from Kentucky. To be a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey it must be aged in new, charred oak barrels for at least 2 years and be distilled in Kentucky. The mix of grains that make Wild Turkey 101, include 75% corn, 13% rye and 12% malted barley.

Jimmy and Eddie Russel, Wild Turkey Master Distillers.

Jimmy’s youngest son Eddie has worked in the business since 1981. Just like his father, over time, Jimmy taught him everything about distilling. In 2015, after 34 years learning this trade, Eddie Russell was promoted to Wild Turkey Master Distiller, creating a unique father and son distiller partnership.

The bourbon is distilled at a very low proof in order to help embody all of the barrel flavors during aging. It comes out of the barrel at around 109 proof necessitating only slight dilution before being bottled at 101 proof. This process helps produce a final product that, although not barrel proof, is very close to what came right out of the barrel.

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Fantastic nose, toasted oak, spicy, caramel, vanilla. What’s not to like. Sets a high bench mark.




Bold flavour – spicy and sweetness. Vanilla, toffee and caramel are set against oak and the oak char.




A pleasant finish, with spice, pepper, toasted oak, disguising its alcohol content. Overall a robust tasting experience – certainly at this price-point.



Magnus OrrReviewed by: Magnus Orr

The whisky industry in Scotland relies on a regular supply American bourbon casks – so you  can enjoy Wild Turkey 101, relaxing in the knowledge, that you are at least helping empty a bourbon cask ready for single malt whisky.

On occasion, would I swap a whisky for Wild Turkey 101 – yes!

The Clydeside Distillery welcomes 5,000th visitor following a busy Easter

The Clydeside Distillery continues to be in good spirits after welcoming its 5,000th visitor following a busy Easter period.

Over the two-week Easter holidays running until 13 April, The Clydeside Distillery welcomed over 1,200 visitors to its visitor centre on the banks of the River Clyde. The busy Easter period helped boost overall visitor numbers to over 5,000 since the attraction opened in November.

Whisky fans from all backgrounds, tastes and knowledge levels have taken full advantage of the state-of-the-art interactive whisky experience which brings Glasgow’s rich whisky heritage to life.

With City Sightseeing Glasgow installing a brand new stop for its open top bus tour outside the distillery just a few weeks ago, the team is now busy preparing for the start of its first summer season. Something which Bridgeen Mullen, Visitor Centre Manager, is looking forward to:

“The Easter break was our first proper holiday period since Christmas and I have to commend the entire team on a sterling job. Footfall surpassed our expectations which we see as a fantastic sign of things to come.

“The Clydeside Distillery is unique and offers locals and tourists alike a fantastic experience of Glasgow’s rich whisky heritage. Over the coming weeks we will begin to add more tour slots into our weekend schedules whilst continuing to offer our guests an experience they will never forget.

“Summer is just around the corner and with industry trends predicting even more visitors to whisky distilleries in 2018, we are excited to work with our partners to reinforce Glasgow’s place on the whisky map.”

Distillery tours run every hour Monday to Friday and Sunday, and every half hour on Saturday.

For more information, visit: www.theclydeside.com

The Glenlivet explores new frontier with launch of Cognac finish

The Glenlivet is set to re-assert its credentials as the definitive Single Malt Scotch whisky with the release of a contemporary new expression, Captain’s Reserve, a Single Malt selectively finished in high-quality Cognac casks. The launch is set to push the boundaries of modern Scotch through its distinctive cask combination.

Captain’s Reserve is the result of flavour and cask experimentation. This combination of the raisin-rich intense taste of Cognac with the signature citrus notes and creamy smoothness of The Glenlivet offers consumers the opportunity to broaden their Single Malt Scotch repertoire. The new flavour and taste experience also encourages new consumers to explore the thriving Single Malt Scotch category, which is one of the fastest growing spirits categories globally, and is expected to continue its growth at +6%.

This new expression, which will sit as part of The Glenlivet range, is a tribute to Captain William Smith Grant, great-grandson of George Smith, founder of The Glenlivet, the definitive Speyside Single Malt. The Captain not only fought in the First World War in France, but later went on to fight for The Glenlivet, guiding the brand through the difficult Prohibition years and leading the Single Malt Scotch whisky revival in the UK and US. This unique story is brought to life through Captain’s Reserve by uniting the definitive Speyside Single Malt and the opulent rich flavours of Cognac.Alan Winchester, The Glenlivet Master Distiller, comments: “We know that Single Malt consumers are becoming increasingly adventurous and are seeking to explore new flavour profiles and finishes in the category. Research shows that the global consumption of Cognac is expected to increase by some 2m cases by 2021. By introducing the Cognac casks into our maturation process, we are able to capitalise on the popularity of this flavour and add another dimension to our world-renowned portfolio. The Cognac casks’ influence will bring a real richness to the smooth and fruity style of The Glenlivet, which we’re confident new and existing Single Malt Scotch enthusiasts will enjoy.”

Redbreast Irish whiskey has launched the Redbreast Dream Cask

Redbreast Irish whiskey, which is produced by Irish Distillers in Midleton Distillery, has launched the Redbreast Dream Cask, which will be available to buy through its online members’ club, The Birdhouse, from World Whisky Day (Saturday 19th May). The release follows requests from consumers and whiskey experts over the past 12 months, and becomes the first in a new series planned for the coming years.

Redbreast Dream Cask is a limited edition, 32 Year Old single pot still Irish whiskey – a single cask that was hand-selected last year by Master Blender, Billy Leighton, as his favourite Redbreast whiskey. The cask was chosen for having the perfect balance of pot still, Spanish oak and sherry flavours, which can usually only be achieved through blending – bringing to life Redbreast’s signature sherry style.

The whiskey was originally unveiled during a Facebook LIVE tasting to mark Redbreast’s World Whisky Day 2017 celebrations. Participants and viewers praised the quality and rarity of what is now the oldest Redbreast Irish whiskey ever to go on sale, with many requesting that the whiskey be made available to buy.

Redbreast Master Blender, Billy Leighton, commented: “In almost 40 years as a blender, Redbreast Dream Cask is a real highlight as I am able to select my own, personal dream Irish whiskey and share it with the world. Our inaugural tasting in 2017 was by far the largest whiskey tasting I have ever held, and the feedback we have received from the whiskey community on the liquid has been phenomenal, so it’s an honour to see it bottled to mark World Whisky Day 2018 – and watch this space for our 2019 plans.”

The Redbreast Dream Cask represents the perfect contribution of flavours through a careful maturation journey rounded out by a particularly sublime sherry butt. The original date of bonding goes back to 31st October 1985, with single pot still Irish whiskey filled into re-fill American Oak ex-Bourbon barrels. Then, on 8th March 2011, the whiskey was re-casked into a first-fill Oloroso Sherry-seasoned butt. The resulting whiskey is luxuriously smooth with wood resin notes reminiscent of well-polished antique furniture, lots of ripe fresh fruit flavours and an extremely balanced finish that slowly fades.

Redbreast Dream Cask is bottled without the use of chill-filtration at 46.5% ABV and is available in very limited quantities through Redbreast’s online private members’ club, The Birdhouse, for €500 per 50cl bottle. Click here to visit The Birdhouse.

The Glenfiddich Highball: bringing back the spirit of summer

Glenfiddich introduces the Glenfiddich Highball, with a sharp sweetness and a crisp edge that signals the transition from day to night. Inspired by the classic highball pairing of pairing whisky with soda – a combination first explored in 1890 – the long serve pairs Glenfiddich 12 YO with a premium soda and a lemon twist. The result is a drink that is cool and light on the palate, with the distinctive taste of Glenfiddich’s award-winning single malt.

The Glenfiddich Highball was created by Glenfiddich Malt Master Brian Kinsman, taking inspiration from a group of the whisky world’s most exciting creators, with each giving their unique perspective on how the serve could be adapted to reflect fit individual preference. Drinks entrepreneur Tristan Stephenson, owner of award-winning whisky bar, Black Rock, Stu Bale, founder of The Crucible experimental cocktail kitchen and Lulu Fedi, Head Bartender at The American Bar, Gleneagles and Fever-Tree ambassador Craig Harper have all offered their take on how to create individual twists on a classic serve.

To take the Highball a stage further, Glenfiddich has collaborated with some of the most influential whisky experts and bartenders from around the world, who have each created their own twist on the classic. From fruit infusions to aromatic honeyed barley, the unique creations have been designed to bring out the whisky notes and compliment the classic Highball.

Lulu Fedi, ‘Fields of Gold’

Glenfiddich 12 Year Old, honeyed barley coffee, soda water & lemon peel. As head bartender at The American Bar, within one of Scotland’s most iconic hotels – Gleneagles, Lulu Fedi has quickly established herself as one of Scotland’s leading lights in the cocktail world by winning several bartending competitions and putting her mark on the UK drinks industry.

Lulu Fedi, ‘Fields of Gold’ Glenfiddich 12 Year Old, honeyed barley coffee, soda water & lemon peel.

“I love the Highball’s elegance and simplicity and its refreshing taste. Glenfiddich 12 works perfectly in a Highball because of its smooth taste with notes of vanilla and honey and the perfectly golden colour adds a nice ray of sunshine into the glass. For my highball I decided to focus on the Glenfiddich taste in notes. The honey mixed together with the barley coffee highlights the honey and vanilla notes of the whisky itself and then at the end, a nice citrus twist brings it all together.”

Tristan Stephenson, ‘One Green Bottle’

Glenfiddich 12 Year Old, fennel tea, cloudy apple, cucumber juice, soda water & apple garnish. At only 35 years old, Tristan Stephenson is a true drinks entrepreneur. Owning several bars and restaurants, including award winning whisky bar, Black Rock, Tristan know the industry inside out.

Tristan Stephenson, ‘One Green Bottle’ Glenfiddich 12 Year Old, fennel tea, cloudy apple, cucumber juice, soda water & apple garnish.

“All of the ingredients in One Green Bottle are flavours that we associate with greenness and freshness. Fennell, apple and cucumber create this trinity of ingredients that are quite delicious and it pairs really well with Glenfiddich 12 because you’ve got that fruity characteristic in there as well.”

Glenfiddich’s Malt Master, Brian Kinsman adds: “It’s been a real pleasure to work with such talented drinks experts to create Glenfiddich Highball. They’ve shared such fun, unexpected twists on the classic serve for today’s drinker which has shown just how versatile Glenfiddich 12 YO is, and the serve really does bring its complexity and character to drinks of all kinds.”

World-renowned spirits writer Dave Broom crowdfunds new whisky documentary – The Amber Light

Acclaimed spirits writer Dave Broom is using crowdfunding to raise a substantial part of the cost of filming a road trip documentary, exploring the untold story of whisky and Scottish culture.

Glaswegian writer Dave Broom – in collaboration with online food and drink magazine The Gannet and London-based video agency blueprint.tv – is aiming to raise £40,000 through the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform by April 7th. So far over 50 backers have pledged more than £17,000 via the website. Called The Amber Light, the documentary will highlight the lesser known parts of Scottish culture and history through the lens of whisky, with personalities from art, music, literature and food.

Dave Broom, who has been writing about spirits for 25 years, will travel the length and breadth of Scotland talking to key innovators and thinkers in the whisky world – farmers, distillers, bar owners and historians – as well as people less directly involved: musicians, artists and writers. Among the film’s contributors will be Scottish crime writer and “king of the Tartan Noir” Ian Rankin, who will talk about the “darkness in the Scottish soul”.

The film will explore the unsung role of women in distilling and blending over the centuries, the influence of alchemists, medicine men and botanists, and the evolution of spirits from medicine to social lubricants. The documentary will also look at the temperance movement, smugglers, Dante’s inferno, and the use of unexpected ingredients in whisky’s development, such as saffron.

Filming will take place over the summer with screenings of the documentary in November and the premiere of the finished film expected in January 2019.

Dave Broom, whisky writer and presenter, said: “There’ll be contradictory opinions — so we will be talking about whisky’s dark side as well as whisky’s light side; talking about the completely forgotten role that women have always played in distillation and whisky-making as well, so we’ll be trying to redress some of the balances and some of the misconceptions as well that I think have sprung up around whisky — it’s not all about tartan and shortbread.”

Adam Park, co-founder of blueprint.tv and documentary director, added: “This is a hugely exciting project with the world’s foremost expert on whisky. We realised there’s a much greater and weirder story to tell about whisky and the culture that’s built up over the centuries. Music and storytelling will be key components.

“All those who pledge money, from as little as £25, for the documentary will receive various rewards. It’s full steam ahead. We’ve already assembled an incredibly talented and dedicated team, both on screen and off. We have mitigated risk by meticulously crafting our plan, and building an accurate scope of the work – covering everything from scouting and securing locations, interviewees, equipment rental, and so on.”

Find out more: The Amber Light – Kickstarter

Whisky industry urged to get green and more sustainable: Scottish Environment Business Awards

Whisky companies across Scotland are being urged to act now to embrace the economic opportunity of sustainability by the VIBES – Scottish Environment Business Awards.

The leading environmental awards underlined the need for urgent action to address the environmental challenges currently faced as well as highlighting the potential business benefits which this can deliver.

New research from the awards, which are now open, found that 81% of previous finalists and winners who had already implemented environmental improvements had also seen significant financial benefits with 44% saving more than £10,000 and 17% saving over £50,000 in a year.

As well as saving money and enhancing their environmental performance, businesses employing sustainable practices are reaping the benefits of an engaged workforce, positive working culture and improved competitiveness as well as contributing towards a better economy and society as a whole.

The Glenmorangie Company and Diageo Leven are already recognising the importance of incorporating sustainable practices into their everyday operations. They join more than 100 others who have received a VIBES – Scottish Environment Business Award to date, illustrating the diversity of companies that are contributing to Scotland’s sustainable development.

Dr Peter Nelson, Operations Director at The Glenmorangie Company, said “The VIBES – Scottish Environment Business Awards are really helping to set the pace of the sustainable agenda in Scotland. Winning the Hydro Nation Award in 2017 was not only great recognition for us but has also opened up access to a great network of companies and organisations all working towards a common goal: making Scotland a leader in environmental enhancement.”

The annual awards aim to recognise and reward businesses that are championing sustainability by identifying ways to tackle the impact on the planet by reducing consumption on its resources. This could be anything from increasing recycling and waste management to reducing utility consumption.

Commenting, Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham, said: “The Scottish Government has a clear vision for a low carbon Scotland. We want to build a country which trains, attracts, and retains the businesses and the innovators who will shape the low carbon transition. We have been proud partners of VIBES for almost 20 years, and events such as this are important for the celebrating the positive connections which exist between our environment and economy.”

Bob Downes, chair of SEPA and head of the VIBES judging panel, added: “The scale of environmental challenges facing humanity is enormous, with a real urgency to act. The successful businesses of tomorrow will be those who embrace the economic opportunity of sustainable solutions to environmental challenges.

“Each year the Scottish Government and SEPA backed VIBES – Scottish Environment Business Awards present a national platform to showcase Scottish business leadership. But more than that, the awards benefit not only the environment, but the bottom line of organisations showing vision on sustainability.”

Applications for the 2018 Awards close at 5pm on the 27 April 2018. This year there are nine award categories; Management Large, Management SME, Green Team, Sustainable and Active Travel, Circular Economy, Environmental Product or Service, Innovation, Hydro Nation Water Innovation and a Micro Business Award.

A Climate Adaptation commendation is also being introduced this year, in partnership with Adaptation Scotland, and will reward a business that has demonstrated managing climate-related risks or has created a product or service to help society adapt.

Businesses interested in finding out more about the free awards will have the opportunity to hear from previous winners at a series of regional information events. The VIBES – Scottish Environment Business Awards roadshows will take place across Scotland from 14 March until 18 April 2018.

The 2018 Awards will be held on 14 November at The Radisson Hotel, Glasgow. Award sponsors to date include Adaptation Scotland, Energy Saving Trust, Greenvale AP, Scottish Government, ScottishPower and University of Stirling Management School.

For more information on VIBES – Scottish Environment Business Awards or to obtain an application form, please visit www.vibes.org.uk. To request your attendance at one of the events, please register through Eventbrite www.vibesawards.eventbrite.co.uk

Bladnoch celebrates 200th anniversary and exciting revival

Scotland’s southernmost distillery, Bladnoch, has launched a special Bicentennial Release as a celebration of its rich history and a toast to its revival.

Offering the perfect balance between provenance and progression, Bladnoch is enjoying an exciting revival in its 200th year, having been bought by Australian entrepreneur, David Prior in 2015. Changing fates and fortunes over the years resulted in the distillery switching hands several times before it fell silent and ceased production. Inspired by its story and charm, Prior and his team have set about turning this important piece of Scotch whisky history into a modern-day distilling operation with production recommencing last year.

Made from just two exceptional casks of whisky distilled in 1988, the release is limited to just 200 bottles. Initially matured in Oloroso Sherry, the special malt was finished for the last 18 months in Moscatel casks.

Described by Master Distiller, Ian Macmillan, as “Chestnut gold in colour, our bicentennial release has lovely rich sherry and acacia aromas with notes of dark chocolate, sweet oak and citrus with a long and satisfying finish. This is a fantastic whisky to mark this incredible milestone and I’d say it is best enjoyed shared, and savoured, with friends and family.”

Bottled at cask strength 41.2% ABV, the new malt will be available in select international markets for an RRP of £5,000 per bottle. The release is presented in a luxurious gold and glass bottle with a heavy gold stopper, designed by David Prior.

Commenting on the Bladnoch journey so far, David Prior said: “In the last three years, we have significantly invested in Bladnoch to revive whisky production, as we strive to give Scotland’s most southerly distillery back its true title as the ‘Queen of the Lowlands’.

“We may be celebrating the 200th anniversary of the distillery, but Bladnoch’s renaissance chapter is only just beginning.”

Crafted using only the purest ingredients – pristine water from the River Bladnoch and Scottish barley – Bladnoch malts are non-chill filtered and naturally coloured. The range includes Samsara, Adela 15 Year Old and Talia 25 Year Old. Bladnoch’s sister expression, Pure Scot, offers a zesty and versatile blended Scotch whisky.

To find out more about Bladnoch’s Bicentennial Release and its international availability, please visit www.bladnoch.com

Label your own bottle at The Clydeside Distillery

The Clydeside Distillery has introduced a ‘label your own’ bottle service for whisky fans visiting Glasgow’s newest visitor attraction. The personalised bottle offers visitors the chance to take away a unique and lasting reminder of their Clydeside experience.

Visitors, tourists and whisky enthusiasts have the choice of three different bottles of 10-year-old whiskies which they can label. The Islay, Lowland and Highland expressions are part of the distillery tour and each has their own characteristics and tasting notes.

Bridgeen Mullen, Visitor Centre Manager, said: “A personalised bottle of whisky really is the perfect keepsake to remember your visit to The Clydeside Distillery. No matter the occasion, whether a gift for a loved one or simply a personal souvenir, our label your own bottle service adds another unique element to our visitor experience and is something to treasure.”

Since opening its doors to the public in November, the distillery has filled over 400 casks to date with new make spirit which are now maturing until they ready in 3 or 4 years, when they will be available to purchase.

For more information, visit: www.theclydeside.com