Non-alcoholic and canned whiskies to go public

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ArKay Beverages

ArKay Beverages

Two of the most commented upon stories in the whisky world in the last year were the release of both a non-alcoholic whisky and the world’s first Scotch whisky packaged in a can. Now both companies behind the moves, which are based in Fort Lauderdale in Florida, have announced their intention to publicly trade shares with the appointment of the same counsel.

Hamilton & Associates has been appointed as corporate and securities counsel for both ArKay Beverages Inc and Scottish Spirits Group Inc.

According to both press releases, Hamilton & Associates has represented publicly traded companies in securities matters, going public transactions and stock exchange listings for more than ten years.

ArKay released their “alcohol-free whisky” drink earlier this year and was roundly condemned by the Scotch Whisky Association at the time.

Scottish Spirits Group packages imported Scotch whisky in a can with a resealable latex lid and have added vodka, brandy, tequila, rum, gin, Canadian whisky and sake to their range under the Genie brand.

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