New Wild Turkey on tasting at Houston’s Reserve 101

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Wild Turkey

Houston’s premier whiskey bar, Reserve 101, is hosting a complimentary tasting of Wild Turkey bourbons, including its newest product, Wild Turkey 81, on Tuesday, Aug. 23.

Wild Turkey 81 is an 81-proof blend of six, seven and eight-year-old bourbons crafted by Associate Distiller Eddie Russell to achieve a soft and mellow tone with an intense oak and char finish, and flavours of caramel, honey, vanilla and oak with hints of cinnamon.

Also featured at the tasting are Wild Turkey 101 and American Honey Bourbons. Super-premium 101 is named for it’s proof (double the alcohol content) while American Honey liqueur is straight bourbon flavoured with hand-selected honey for a sweeter taste profile.

“Wild Turkey is an iconic American whiskey brand produced in Lawrenceville, Kentucky,” said Reserve 101 co-owner and whiskey expert Mike Raymond.

“The original Ripy distillery dates to 1869. In 1940, distillery executive Thomas McCarthy brought a stash of Bourbon along on a wild turkey hunt. The next year, his hunting partners asked him to bring some more of ‘that wild turkey Bourbon,’ and the brand was born.”

Reserve 101 is located at the corner of Caroline and Dallas in the heart of Houston’s EaDo (East Downtown) entertainment district, next to Dirt Bar and across the street from House of Blues.

Registrations for this limited-space event may be made online at

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