New bourbon released by Wisconsin distillery

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45th Parallel Spirits is releasing its first batch of bourbon with a launch party at their distillery in New Richmond, Wisconsin this Sunday.

The Border Straight Bourbon, aged for two years by the distillers, is the first of 45th Parallel’s planned range of whiskeys, which will include rye and wheat variants due for release later in the year. Since opening in 2007, 45th Parallel has kept the coffers filled by producing vodka and gin but now three-quarters of their production is geared towards their whiskey range.

Owner Paul Werni has stood by the decision to wait until the whiskey had aged the traditional length of time rather than sell a ‘white’ whiskey or younger product.

He told the site that waiting for it “was painful” but that he believed they had a better whiskey for it, and that from now they would be releasing older whiskey each year onwards.

The Border Straight Bourbon will be available exclusively from the distillery in the short term. Only 1,100 bottles have been produced so far.

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