Koreans love their whisky says Prentice

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With or without water?

Chivas Brothers’ regional vice president Peter Prentice has said that Koreans and Scots share a “brotherhood”.

Prentice told the JoongAng Daily that he believes that Korean drinkers love their whisky as much as the Scots.

He told the newspaper: “When Colin Scott, the master blender of Chivas Brothers, is blending whiskey, he will mix whiskey with water 50-50 at room temperature to get the perfect flavor.

“He would smell it, because the nose is the key – and that’s actually the way we usually drink whisky in Scotland.

“A lot of people say that it’s wrong to add water to scotch whisky, but in Scotland we’ve got a pretty open mind to how we drink whisky.

“We even have a drink of whiskey, hot toddy, that’s very popular in the wintertime – whiskey, hot water, lemon and honey.”

He added: “But Koreans appear to drink Scotch neat more often. I think Koreans and Scots are both excellent drinkers.

“We both drink to enjoy, and I think drinking in both countries is about friendship, being together, brotherhood.”

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