Jameson Black Barrel rolled out to new states

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Pernod Ricard in the USA are encouraging Irish whiskey drinkers to trade up with the roll-out of their Jameson Black Barrel variant.

Jameson Black Barrel contains a higher proportion of sherry-matured, pot still whiskeys which have been blended with grain whiskey matured in charred American oak casks from the Wild Turkey bourbon distillery.

The ‘darker, more full-bodied and complex’ big brother of Jameson it has been introduced to New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Washington, D.C. and Massachusetts, reports the Shanken News Daily.

They quote Pernod USA’s vice president of whiskies and Cognac, Wayne Hartunian, as saying Black Barrel is the “natural trade-up” for Jameson drinkers.

Retail price is $34.99 for a 750-ml bottle, and $39.99 for a litre.

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