Glenlivet tops US Harris poll

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New look for The Glenlivet range

Glenlivet has come out tops in the United States over its big rival Glenfiddich, according to the latest brand research from top market research company Harris.

In the 2012 Harris Poll EquiTrend (EQ) study of beverages, Glenlivet topped the Scotch Whiskey (sic) Brand of the Year category, ahead of Glenfiddich and Chivas Regal.

Strangely, the same category also included Bushmills, Jameson and Jack Daniel’s, according to the Harris Interactive press release.

The EQ is a study of “brand health” that is conducted yearly by Harris Interactive, which asks nearly 40,000 consumers to rank brands on what the researchers call “key measures of brand health” – including how well the public knows a brand, how positively they think of the brand and their consideration to do business with or donate to a brand.

“One of the great strengths of the Harris Poll EquiTrend study is that it is a measure of brand value rather than just brand recognition,” said Robert Fronk, Executive Vice President at Harris Interactive.

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