Famous Grouse take world record for whisky

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Famous Grouse

Famous Grouse

Last weekend, The Famous Grouse successfully broke the world record for the world’s largest bottle of whisky – filling a specially-created 228 litre bottle.

The record was previously held by Jack Daniel’s who filled a 184 litre bottle with their famous Tennessee whiskey in 2011.

The new monster bottle of Scotch will go on display at their visitor centre at Glenturret Distillery and was created to mark the brand’s 107th anniversary.

Director Glen Gribbon told the press: “The bottle will now be displayed at The Famous Grouse Experience so fans can visit and see the bottle for themselves.

“The record was awarded by an official Guinness World Record adjudicator as the brand marked its 107th birthday and The Famous Grouse Experience celebrated 10 years since opening at Glenturret Distillery, Scotland’s oldest and most visited distillery.”

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