Dunnage warehouses are the best

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Dunnage is best?

Jura Distillery expert Willie Tait has confessed that he prefers Dunnage warehouses for the maturation of malt whisky.

Speaking in a webchat for Whisky.Scotsman, Willie said that he believes that the way the casks are stacked has an impact on the flavour of the whisky.

He said: “For those who may not know Dunnage warehouses are three casks high on an earth floor.

“I think we would prefer to have Dunnage warehouses but please remember Jura distillery is working seven days a week 24 hours a day so this really is not possible if you are storing 27,963 casks on the islands.”

The Isle of Jura distillery recently hit the headlines when they opened a new £100,000 visitor centre.

The distillery hopes that the new centre will help to bring more whisky drinkers to the island.

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