Drinks company launches apple flavoured whiskey

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Mickey Finn Apple Whiskey Liquor

Mickey Finn Apple Whiskey Liquor

With the growing demand for flavoured whiskies in the USA, Irish whiskey firms seem to be getting in on the act.

Bushmills have already released a honey flavoured variant and Babco Europe have now announced the release of their Mickey Finn Apple Whiskey Liquor.

The drink – bottled at 35% abv – is a combination of Irish whiskey, American grain whiskey and apple flavouring, reoprts the Caterer and Hotelkeeper site.

Chief exec, Mark Wilson,said: “From gins to whiskeys, flavoured varieties of class spirits are growing in popularity, thus proving the need for innovation. There is a demand for an alternative to the classic liquors.

“Due to its lower strength and sweeter notes, we believe it’s the ideal drink for those who are discovering whiskey for the first time or looking for something a little different.”

According to the report, the Irish whiskey has been shipped to the blenders in apple cider barrels – so perhaps there is method in their Magners?

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