Dalmore whiskies are special says Paterson

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Whisky expert Richard Paterson has confessed that the single malt whiskies from Dalmore are among his favourites.

The Whyte & Mackay Master blender told Whisky.Scotsman that the distillery held a special place in his heart.

Speaking in a live webchat, he said: “I have many favourite malts especially from the Highland region, Speyside, Lowlands and Islas.

“I drink for the occasion but since I have been with Dalmore distillery for over 40 years this I must confess is very close to my heart.”

He continued: “We have produced many different expressions over that period of time but the one that I have enjoyed for the last two years is the Dalmore King Alexander III 1263.

“As I’m sure you know this is made up of six different finishes and is the only single malt in the market today that has this unique combination of port, Madeira, Marsala, Cabernet Sauvignon, small batch bourbon and Matusalem Oloroso sherry.”

He added: “Truly a complex array of exotic flavours that will totally seduce your palate, Pure liquid gold.

“But hold it long in the mouth to truly appreciate this liquid feast.”

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