Court News: whisky at “The Bar”

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News in of not one, but two, high-profile trademark infringement cases involving whiskies going through the courts in the USA.

In Kentucky, Sazerac Inc have filed suit against Oregonian distillers Hood River over their newly launched SinFire cinnamon flavoured whiskey.

Sazerac’s suit claims that both the name and branding of Hood River’s cinnamon whisky represent violations of trdemarks associated with their Fireball cinnamon flavoured drinks brand.

Meanwhile in Minneapolis, the owner of the 2 Gingers brand of Irish whiskey is taking on the biggest-selling Irish brand in the world, Jameson.

According to the suit, Jameson and parent company Pernod Ricard have breached their trademark with a promotion for the Big Jameson Ginger cocktail.

Kieran Folliard, 2 Gingers’ owner, claims that he trademarked the Big Ginger name for an Irish whiskey and ginger ale cocktail. In addition, he claims that Pernod Ricard offered $200,000 to purchase the trademark from him, which he turned down, before their Big Jameson Ginger campaign.

Both cases continue.

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