Copper Dog Whisky launch pop-up marvel at the Isle of Wight Festival

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Abbey Clancy, Rag n Bone Man & Dougie Pointer, have a dramtastic time at the Isle of Wight Festival.

Copper Dog went off the leash this weekend with it’s first ever backstage pub at the legendary Isle of Wight festival. Finally, there is a Scotch whisky that is right at home in the fields of a festival, and a Scotch everybody can pronounce!

Peter Crouch, Abbey Clancey and Charleen Spiteri, backstage with Copper Dog Whisky

What is a Copper Dog? Copper Dog originates from the ingenious method by which distillery workers used to filch a dram or three of whisky to take home. They would solder a penny to one end of a small copper tube and fit a cork in the other, smuggling their bounty out in their clothing. As the name suggests, Copper Dog Scotch was built on mischief, that is accessible, drinkable and mixable.

New Scotch whisky brand, Copper Dog have announced their exciting collaboration with the legendary Isle of Wight festival, which took place over the weekend (from 8th – 11th June). With the memory of iconic Jimi Hendrix and such still lingering in the air, the annual event is as popular today as it was in its infancy of countercultural gatherings of free-spirits in the 60s and 70s.

It’s this creative non-conformist and nostalgic sentiment that makes it the perfect launch place of Copper Dog’s first ever backstage pub. Copper Dog is a brand whose values mirror the progressive ethos of the festival, appealing to the cool, creative, free-spirited crowd that frequents it. With its bottle designed by non-other than Hugo Guinness, the famous British illustrator joined forces to design a bottle and emblems that were bold and yet simple, in keeping with the style he is so coveted for.

This weekend, Copper Dog went backstage to bring its mischief and fun to the party goers, and showcase how easily Scotch whisky can be enjoyed. Copper Dog is a drink that can be mixed and shared, and party goers at The Isle of Wight festival went mad for the Apple Dog,

Dog House and Mad Dog cocktails all weekend, showcasing the whisky is as versatile as the eclectic mix of music artists on the line-up we see today.

The custom made, pop-up pub is in line with the heart and soul of the festival and it’s cosy, Speyside traditional aesthetics that Copper Dog have created, brought in a never ending stream of stars and VIPs over the weekend, attracting the likes of Rag n Bone Man, Abbey Clancy & Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson who felt at home amongst the comfortable and festival chic setting.

The 4-day event featured a UK festival exclusive from Rod Stewart. Saturday’s headliner was Arcade Fire with Run DMC and David Guetta co-headlining the Sunday night.

Copper Dog, a newly launched blend of Speyside single malt whisky, is created in the heart of Speyside, Scotland. This is an area responsible for 70% of all scotch, and Copper Dog blends eight Speyside single malts, with great skill for 6 months to create a scotch full of flavour and life. As the brainchild of London nightclub, bar and restaurant entrepreneur Piers Adam who bought The Craigellachie Hotel in Speyside in 2013, he went on to rename the Hotel’s pub Copper Dog and set about creating a whisky of the same name that captured the magic of Speyside.

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