Connecticut whisky tasting to raise funds for art groups

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Glasses with whisky

The Rowayton Arts Center in Rowayton, Connecticut, was the venue for an introductory whisky tasting to raise funds for their arts projects last Monday.

Scottish native, Cameron Letters, led participants through “A Taste of Scotland: Single Malt Scotch Whisky”.

The 25 whisky novices attending were treated to Cameron’s knowledge and passion for whisky, the name for which comes from the Scots Gaelic uisge beatha, or water of life.

Letters was quoted beforehand on the blog as saying: “The tasting will provide participants with a good knowledge of what makes the single malt unique.

In addition to discovering the history of the wee dram, how it’s made, regional variations and what defines a single malt scotch, participants will learn the natural ingredients that give single malt scotch its character and how to best enjoy this unique beverage.”

The event was sponsored by White Bridge Wines & Spirits and all proceeds went to RAC educational programmes.

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