Celebrating National Bourbon Day

Magnus Bourbon, Whiskey

According to the Distilled Spirits Council (U.S.), bourbon was up 6.7% in volume for 2017. As brown spirits continue to trend up in the U.S., bourbon remains among the biggest drivers.

Some say the rise in bourbon sales is due to the growth of small batch and single barrel bourbon in the 1990s, while others say it has to do with the resurgence in popularity of hard-liquor swilling characters and settings on television shows such as Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to raise a glass of the amber spirit and  celebrate National Bourbon Day!

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Bourbon must be aged at least two years in a new, charred oak barrel made from American White Oak. But many types of bourbon are aged four years or longer. Bourbon gains its color and much of its flavor from barrel aging. The charred wood provides caramelized sugars that add flavor to the whiskey. The barrels can only be used once for bourbon – most of them are then shipped to Scotland  and used to mature whisky.  Bourbon drinkers are all indirectly helping Scotch.

Whether you drink it neat or mixed in a cocktail, drink some bourbon today!