Bruichladdich sale – Chairman’s statement

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Following the £58m sale of Bruichladdich Distillery to Rémy Cointreau, Bruichladdich chairman, Sir John Mactaggart, issued the following statement:

“It has been an exciting and demanding eleven and a half years breathing life back into Bruichladdich. The sale of the company clearly induces several mixed emotions, which I am sure will be widely shared. But one needs to remember that we succeeded in saving, building and establishing – once and for all – the worldwide renown of Bruichladdich.

“Rémy Cointreau’s offer fully recognises the value of the Bruichladdich brand we have created, its potential, the quality and reputation of the whisky stocks we have layed down. From non existent sales and a derelict distillery in 2001, to over 55,000 cases and a thriving company in 2011, and Bruichladdich is on course to double in the next couple of years.

“As with any business expanding at such a rapid rate, there comes a time when further substantial capital investment will be required to support long-term growth, and this cannot easily be generated by the business itself, or without significant extra shareholder funds.

“It is of great comfort that Rémy Cointreau truly appreciate the very special nature of Bruichladdich – the place, the brand, the spirit and our people. I am particularly pleased Rémy Cointreau will be retaining the existing staff and will continue to keep Bruichladdich as an Islay-based business.

“Although they are a quoted company, Rémy Cointreau are still a family- controlled business, founded nearly 300 years ago. Under the dynamic leadership of CEO Jean Marie Laborde, Rémy have made impressive progress: perfection, quality and authenticity are an integral part of their core business philosophy – something which we share.

“I have no doubt that they will prove to be safe custodians of the Bruichladdich brand.”

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