Bruichladdich announce Port Charlotte Peat Project

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As part of the consolidation of their single malt lines, Bruichladdich Distillery have announced their new Port Charlotte Peat Project, which will be available later this month.

The Islay whisky maker intends for the Bruichladdich name to appear only on unpeated whiskies henceforth with Port Charlotte being the brand for their peated expressions.

The Peat Project is distilled from barley peated to 40ppm, and matured in American Oak, in warehouses at the nearby village of Port Charlotte, according to the distiller’s blog.

It is made up of different vintages for complexity and will replace the 3D, PEAT and An Turas Mor bottlings.

The new whisky, which the makers believe is the closest they will get to how the original Bruichladdich of 1881 tasted, will be available online or at the distillery shop from 30 July.

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