Blends deserve equal respect says Richard Paterson

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Blended whiskies deserve respect

Whyte & Mckay ambassador Richard Paterson has claimed that blended whiskies have helped stimulate demand for premium malts.

The Master Blender told Whisky.Scotsman that he believed that blends and single malts should be given “equal” respect.

Paterson said that that blends help to drive the entire world market for whisky.

He said: “Bearing in mind that 90 per cent of the whisky market is for blended whisky the remaining 10 per cent is for single malts.

“What I would say is that thanks to whisky festivals, which are conducted all around the world today, these have helped to generate awareness of single malt whisky.

“The result is that consumers are now demanding more than 12 year-old single malts but of a higher age.”

“This has helped to stimulate a higher demand for aged whiskies which would suggest that they are better than blended whiskies which are normally much younger.”

He added: “Therefore blended whiskies and single malts should be given equal respect.”

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