Auchentoshan shortlists UK bartenders to join its international collective – The New Malt Order

Magnus Cocktails, Lowland

Auchentoshan, the triple-distilled whisky made in the heart of Glasgow, have announced the UK winners of their annual New Malt Order competition. 48 bartenders were invited to enter for the chance to help curate the third edition of Auchentoshan The Bartender’s Malt, and the top seven had the chance to compete in a live final.

The UK final was held at TT Liquor in London, and saw each entrant undergo two rounds of judging by a panel of spirits and whisky experts, including Gary Sharpen and previous years’ New Malt Order winners Lachlan Rooney and Charles Roche . Bartenders were required to create a cocktail inspired by their home city, and then a cocktail made using the very first edition of the Bartender’s Malt – the only whisky created by bartenders, for bartenders!

Contestants came from all over the UK, with winners Adam Lynch, formally of Science & Industry Bar in Manchester, and Glen Howartson from Black Rock in London, were declared as the winners. Lynch, who hails from Manchester, created for the first round the cocktail ‘The Port of Manchester’ using Auchentoshan Three Wood Tawny Port, Cherry Heering and tiki bitters, whilst Howartson, who comes from the north of Scotland, mixed up ‘Farmer’s Dram’, using Auchentoshan Three Wood, vodka and raspberry jam butter.

Both Lynch and Howartson will represent the UK in helping to curate the Bartender’s Malt Number 3 along with winners from Canada, Germany and Russia, in Auchentoshan’s spiritual home, Glasgow this month. Howartson commented on his win: “It’s many whisky lover’s dream to have their name put on a bottle of their favourite drink and contribute to the overall taste.”

The third edition of The Bartender’s Malt will be just as unique and innovative as the first, and is set to be released in late 2019.

This marks an exciting time for Auchentoshan. They have had a string of successful appearances at festivals across Glasgow this summer and will be launching The Bartender’s Malt Number 2 exclusively to the food and beverage industry next year.

The Winning Cocktail Recipes

Farmer’s Dram (Glen Howartson)

  • 30ml Auchentoshan Three Wood
  • 7.5ml peated Bloomsbury Vodka
  • 9.5ml raspberry jam butter washed Freya Birch

Method: stir over ice for 5-10 rotations, served neat in a nosing glass

Chasing The Dram (Glen Howartson)

  • 30ml Auchentoshan The Bartender’s Malt 01
  • Topped up with sparkling barley honey water

Method: served in a short glass

Port of Manchester (Adam Lynch)

  • 40ml Auchentoshan Three Wood
  • 20ml Banana Infused Grahams 20yr aged Tawny Port
  • 10ml Cherry Heering
  • 4 drops Bittermens Elemakule tiki bitters

Method: top with lemon peel to finish

A Journey Begins (Adam Lynch)

  • 35ml Auchentoshan The Bartender’s Malt
  • 15ml Coriander Infused Cola syrup
  • 5ml Campari

Method: stir then strain into a coupe, top with 15ml Guinness