International whisky contests help drive quality

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Whyte & Mckay ambassador Richard Paterson has said that the increasing number of whisky competitions is helping to drive up the standard of products produced by distillers.

The Master Blender told Whisky.Scotsman that he felt that international contests have helped to increase awareness about quality whiskies.

Speaking in a webchat, he said: “Competitions in particular the International Wine and Spirit competition and the International Spirit Challenge are two that I have been heavily involved with over the past 30 years over.

“All of my fellow blenders attend these and we have the privilege and honour of tasting some of the finest of the world’s spirits.

“From my perspective these competitions act as a support of my work to try and produce whiskies of the highest standard possible.”

He continued: “Therefore when we receive a gold medal as we have done on many occasions it endorses my commitment for producing the finest spirit. In turn if we can reflect these awards on our labels it re-emphasises to the consumer that he is getting the very best.”

Paterson added: “All I would say over the years is that these competitions have become more intense so rest assured if you select a whisky that has been awarded a gold medal status you are guaranteed the very best.”

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