Ultra-premium whiskies drive the market

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Ultra-premiums drive whisky market

Whyte & Mckay ambassador Richard Paterson has said that there is increasing demand for “ultra-premium” whiskies.

The Master Blender told Whisky.Scotsman that distillers need to produce a range of ages to satisfy international and domestic demand.

Paterson is quoted as saying: “Once again I would reinforce that whisky festivals around the world who provide those who are in attendance with simply 12-year-old single malts that it is not sufficient.

“They are looking for differences, different ages and different qualities. We at Dalmore for instance are in an enviable position that we are able to provide whiskies of greater ages up to 64 years-old.

“Just like Chateau bottled wines of the 19th century these rare wines attract very high prices.”

He continued: “Similarly whiskies of 50 years and beyond today are in the same position. They too have become collectors’ items.

“But more importantly from our perspective they have brought better awareness of our standard, 12 and 15 year old Dalmores.”

He added: “So they certainly have not alienated these lower ages which obviously are still in great demand and sell to the majority of our consumers.”

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