Rare New Zealand whisky stolen

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Opportunistic thieves in Dunedin, New Zealand, picked up more than they expected when they broke into the historic railway station in the town – and made off with thousands of dollars worth of whisky, some of it up to 24 years old.

Having been used as a whisky tasting venue, the room which was raided held 120 bottles, and a further six 20 litre containers, of aged whisky from the former Willowbank Distillery in Dunedin.

The six containers were later recovered (still full) but the ten cases of bottled whisky – valued at NZ$300 a bottle – are still missing, reports the Otago Daily News.

The thieves graffitied the station with the gold tag “Robbing Hoods” before making off with the whisky, according to reports.

Police recovered the larger containers following a tip off from the general public and are said to be “following up leads” regarding the missing bottles.

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