Pennsylvania amends distillery laws to allow on-sales

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Pennsylvania has become the latest state in the US to amend its licensing laws to allow craft distillers to sell their product via on-site tasting rooms.

Liquor laws in the US vary from state to state (and even within individual states) and can still reflect Prohibition-era thinking according to some critics.

Change came to Pennsylvania at the end of 2011 when Governor Tom Corbett signed off on House Bill 242, which now allows artisan distillers to sell direct to visitors, reports the Lebanon Daily News.

Their site quotes Robert Cassell of Philadelphia Distilling as saying: “In other states that have enacted legislation like this – in Washington, Michigan, and Oregon – you see a flourishing of small distilleries.”

The legislation has also seen the annual licensing fee for a distillery reduced from $5,600 to only $1,500 in an effort to help encourage the industry.

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