Get nostalgic and win a unique bottle of Bruichladdich




Over on their blog, Islay malt Bruichladdich are offering fans the chance to win a bottle of their ultra-limited edition 2012 Islay Festival bottling.

The XX Nostalgia malt was distilled in 1992 and has been aged for two decades in oak before being finished in Gaja Barolo casks.

To win the bottle on offer all you have to do is to send them something nostalgic. As they say on the blog, it can be a photograph, or a story or a poem, a memory or even a cuddly toy.

It doesn’t even need to be anything to do with Bruichladdich – although they make a point of saying the judges will be very biased towards “entries featuring the world’s greatest distillery”. They also say that bribing the judges might work and that cheating is perfectly acceptable!

Check out their blog at or send your entries to “The World’s Greatest Distillery, Bruichladdich, Islay” by Friday 15 June.

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