Buffalo Trace announces 2012 Battle of the Bands winner

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Buffalo Trace Distillery

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey have announced that the winner of their 2012 Battle of the Bands contest is an Indianapolis band – the aptly-named Buffalo Head.

The five member band describe their music as, “hard country and southern rock, fueled by hard times, heavy drinking and honkytonk women” and take home a grand prize of $5,000.

the 373 bands which participated in the competition uploaded their tracks the Buffalo Trace Jukebox on the brand’s website and facebook page, where they faced monthly votes from January to June, with Buffalo Head collecting the most votes in the whole six-month period.

The other monthly winners, who won $500 each, were Astor Place Riot (4,062 total votes), Jimmy Honeyman Quartet (1,033 votes), Buffalo Bravado (791 votes), Greg Gardner & Voodoo Cowboy (671 votes) and 9ine Foot Squirrel (522 votes).

“Buffalo Trace is thrilled to discover great new music and offer 373 artists the chance to showcase their sound,” said Kris Comstock, brand manager, in a media release. “The contest has ended, but our online Jukebox rocks all day every day, so enjoy the music.”

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