Ballantine’s commissions tweeting t-shirt

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Chivas Brothers’ Ballantine’s has created a t-shirt which allows the wearer to display Twitter and Facebook messages across their chest, as well as share phtos and music.

In conjunction with their digital agency and CuteCircuit clothing, which comes complete with a built in camera, headphone jack and LED screen, reports

The t-shirt is controlled through an iPhone and is in prototype as the whisky brand gauges interest in the finished product.

Ballantine’s global brand director, Peter Moore, told the design site: ‘The T-shirt is the original canvas of self-expression. It was the Facebook status before there was a Facebook status.

“Whether you wore the Smiley Face, Che Guevara or Frankie Says Relax, your favourite t-shirt tells the world something about you. Ballantine’s has taken that thought and made it bigger.’

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